The Big Apple

On to New York!

I love New York City, having grown up in Montreal I really like these big old cities, the streets, the architecture, the waterfront and the people.

I'm lucky to have a great client in New York who I sell a software product to, however every once in a while I need to visit to plan upcoming features.
Although I've driven in New York many times, I haven't towed a 24' coach through before!
I booked a week at Liberty Harbour RV park.
Not really a park but a parking lot. But it's 5 minutes from the Holland Tunnel in New Jersey.
At $80 a night it's more than I've ever paid, but hotels this close to Manhattan are three times that. The park is at Liberty Harbour marina so it's right on the river, that's the new world trade centre above the coach.

The following morning I was off to see my client. Jacket and tie!
First the Holland tunnel, then across Manhattan at rush hour and then under the Battery Park Tunnel to Brooklyn. I love New York in the morning, all the street venders setting up, vegetable stalls filling their displays, so much going on. Love it.

After a long day of meetings I was glad to have the rest of the week to enjoy the city. The weather was wonderful to I took the top off and went downtown. Having grown up in a Montreal I'm very comfortable finding parking in big cities. It's actually relatively easy to park in Manhattan.

I'm crazy about lower Manhattan with the crazy angled streets and incredible architecture. I just drove around taking it all in. Driving a convertible Land Rover down here is a blast.

But my final destination was Battery park to enjoy one of the amazing souvlaki the street venders sell there. And a beer on the park terrace. Lovely!

Before I left New York I was glad to be able to spend an evening with my good friend Ben. I picked him up from work just off 5th avenue and we spent a fine evening in Connolly's pub.

After just over a week in New York I head north to Nova Scotia,...