The Land Rover

I'm driving my 1962 Land Rover 109.

A truck I completely rebuilt to suit my specific needs. When I built the truck, my needs were those of a small construction company, powerful, reliable, comfortable and economical. Not traits often associated with Land Rovers.
Purists will shudder but I made rather major modifications during the rebuild, amongst them a new Chevrolet fuel injected V6 engine, 5 speed transmission, power disk brakes, power steering and air ride suspension.
Now that I'm traveling and towing a coach, it's very well suited.

One could never really claim it's comfortable however, perhaps the best I can claim is comfortable for a Land Rover. As with all proper Land Rovers, there are a great number of options for the roof.
This particular truck has 4 different roofs, A metal pickup cab, a full length metal roof, A canvas pickup cab, and a full length canvas roof. I was forever deciding on which roof would best suit my travels. The pickup cab is very handy when the truck is used as a pickup, but I opted for the full length canvas roof as in good weather it's lovely to roll the sides up, it's like sitting on a porch.

For those who are interested, there is a rather lengthily video series of the build on YouTube

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  1. After having watched the rebuild of your Land Rover on YouTube - it's great to see the photos and read these write ups! :-)

    Sounds like an amazing trip!

    Best of luck to you!