I am Phoenix

It's been over two years since my last post, unbelievable.
I arrived in Victoria and set up the coach in a beautiful, oceanfront RV park downtown, and well, relaxed.
Maybe it was the intense drive across the Rockies, maybe it was the instant summer weather, or just maybe it was time to slow down a bit.
But for whatever reason, I didn't feel I had much to write about. I walked a lot, sat in cafes, read.
Victoria is an amazing city to be carefree in, possibly even luring the unwary into a bit of a trance of roses, parks, pubs  and beaches.
Yes, I succumbed to the laid back west coast lifestyle.
But extended periods of unhindered thought does eventually bear fruit.
And I've found I have a clearer path now, not unlike my wonderful time traveling.
I will continue to live a simple life, work as little as possible, eat as well as possible and make and cherish as many friends as possible.
Oh, and I will live on or very near water,.... for the rest of my life.
I bought and moved aboard a classic mahogany motor cruiser in my first spring in Victoria.

I fell in love at first sight. It's a long time dream come true and I'm blessed to have had the opportunity. I live at a small marina right in Victoria Harbour and simply love it.
But I'm getting itchy feet. This boat is meant to cruise, I've been out as long as a month in the beautiful Gulf Islands, and will travel further in the coming months. But in time, we will cast off for good and explore distant waters. These travels will be well documented should you wish to come along. But perhaps not here, I don't know if a blog is my best medium. I've started a YouTube channel, "Travels With Geordie". It actually chronicles my life parallel to this blog, going back in time to where I first set off. It will be primarily a travel blog, with a good measure of vehicle modifications, food and drink, music and whatever suits my fancy. Likely a rant now and then, I'll provide prior warning.

So if you're interested, follow along. I'm afraid it will take some time to catch up to where this blog left off and longer to what I'm up to today, but I want to create a full archive of my adventure.

Thank you all for your interest, and your patience.

Lets go have some fun,......

Peter and Geordie

Travels With Geordie