And then there were three.

I've been planning this visit since the day I left Riverport. My two girls are the light of my life, Both charming and clever, they are wonderful company and the three of us always have a marvelous time together. It could be said however, that they really came to visit Geordie,...
They flew in late and we went straight to Café du Monde for beignets.
The next day was a full on conquest of the French Market. Girls do like to shop.
All week the weather was fabulous and we spent most days touring around with the top off the Rover. I can certainly say, not many knew what we were driving but all simply adored it.
It's amazing how quickly the time went and we had all kinds of plans we never got to but we enjoyed the city at it's best. One evening we met a group of fellows from England on Bourbon. Chatted for ages about dogs. Turned out they were a huge heavy metal band on tour. We swung by the venue later, hundreds in line and a fleet of tour busses.
Both my girls drive the Rover so they had a hand at that.
We became quite familiar with the various neighborhoods and simply fell in love with Esplanade.
Their mother and I stayed in a marvelous inn there years ago.

Sadly, in no time they were headed home.

Thanks for the wonderful time girls.

I love you.

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  1. I love you too. Seeing these pictures makes me miss it all even more!