Under the coach

Ok, no time for any more fooling around.
aBack to work on the coach. Today I tackled a few small jobs.
First replacing the aged, gnarly propane lines. They weren't leaking but I don't know why.
So now I have all new copper lines. 1/2" main trunk and 3/8" feeder lines to each appliance.
Holy smoke has copper ever gotten expensive!

Then I crawled under and hacked of the remains of the belly pan. These trailers have a full belly pan of light aluminium sheet. Nice but problematic. Firstly because they fall off!
Yes, the silly buggers riveted the paper thin aluminium to the raw steel frame. It doesn't take long for dielectric corrosion to eat huge holes around the rivets. Then entropy takes over and eventually, driving down the road you her nasty scratching, pull over to long entrails of shredded aluminium and fiberglass insulation hanging out the back. I removed the middle section some time ago but the sides are one piece from the lower belting, the trim around the bottom of the coach, to the main frame rails. Now mine were just hanging loose because of the rotten rivet holes, so I cut the aluminium neatly straight along, 6 inches under the trailer. This does a few things for me. It allows me to remove the nasty loose fibreglass insulation and replace it with rigid foam and also allows me access to the back to do some much needed body work.
So with that done I rust proofed the frame, absolutely doused it with Fluid film. Then insulated the floor with an inch and a half of rigid foam. That made for a lot of trips from the table saw to under the trailer and back. But cutting the foam with the table saw is so nice.


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    1. Yeah, US customs doesn't look kindly on people coming into the country loaded with construction gear.