In with the new

Back on the road!
Setting up a Salisbury (Dana 60) rear end is a long process. It's in, new ring and pinion, bearings, seals and flange.
Dialed in with a perfect contact patch and preload.  Love it!
While the truck was on the hoist lot's of other maintenance was undertaken. The entire front end rebuilt, drive shafts, transfer case, emergency brake, new shocks.
One extra modification was the addition of 30mm wheel spacers. The truck has pretty big tires and they hit the springs when turning sharp. I could set the steering stops to avoid that but I want to maximize the turning ability. The
spacers fix that and widen the overall stance which will improve handling.
Unfortunately when the spacers arrived they were for the later coil spring Land Rovers. Nothing a visit to good friend Peter McKelvey and his well equipped machine shop couldn't fix.
Just needed to cut off an extra flange real Land Rovers don't need.
I just got in from road testing, what an amazing difference!
Off to Montreal,...

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