I couldn't say I got an early start, but it afforded a lovely late breakfast with Neil and his wife at a
local favorite, lost the name,.....hmmm.
While saying our goodbyes, Neil proposed we try to improve the nasty gaps in the tilt (canvas roof) on the Rover. The canvas has shrunk badly and scoops massive amounts of air into my left ear. Well and Geordie's right.

With such a late start and really crappy weather, I opted for a more southerly route and to stay
somewhere in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
I didn't really get far enough south for spectacular vistas, but it was a nice drive the following day through a few passes.

Crossed Champlain Bridge into Montreal and went straight to my favorite Souvlaki joint. Villa Du Souvlaki.
I've been eating here for about 33 years! Still the best anywhere.

Later I spent a wonderful evening with friends, enjoying their new hot tub until very late,...

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  1. Oh, how I miss these souvlakis. They are the best I ever had.

    Surprisingly it was very difficult to find a restaurant that served souvlaki when we were in Greece a few years back. Finally we found a place but what a disappointment they turned out to be.