Back in the mountains

I was determined to drive the entire Blue Ridge Parkway so after Uwharrie I went back to the Parkway and carried on northward.
Thankfully the grades were never quite as steep as that memorable first day.
I was blessed with spectacular weather making the drive simply breathtaking. I took my time and spend several more days on the parkway spending the nights at look offs. Wonderful!

As it is so beautiful I tried various camera mounts to capture the vistas, On the mirror, on the roof of the coach, even on the side of the coach which wasn't very interesting.
I find it amazing that this road was ever built, it speaks to a time when great drives were of national interest. Back when even this great expense was justifiable. I can't imagine we will see projects like this in the future. Shame,...

The Blue Ridge Parkway ends and becomes the
Skyline Drive just west of Charlottesville Virginia and I climbed back up into the Shenandoah Mountains. More spectacular mountain scenery. On my last night in the mountains I finally got the banjo out and played a few old mountain tunes. As the sun set way off in the western hills I stumbled on the words as I finally met the significance of being high in the Virginia mountains.
Geordie just howled, as he always does when I play,....

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