Wow, a fun first leg, well fun if you enjoy white knuckle driving,...
Which, oddly, I sort of do.
The thing is, everything I own is in this truck and coach, clothes, tools, instruments, and a hell of a lot of spare parts and building materials. Yes, several hundred pounds of slate and soapstone! Big plans I tell you. OK so even with the air bags in the truck pumped right up the rear of the truck was sagging and the ride was horrible. But I pushed on for Halifax at a breakneck speed with the canvas rolled up and the wind in our hair. Great fun.
Two things have become overwhelmingly evident. I have to lighten the load, dramatically! and I have to fix my poor rear differential. It's been bad for years, but with this heavy load I doubt it will make it as far as Maine. I've made arrangements to have new differential gears, bearings and such shipped to a friend with a shop in Saint John New Brunswick. He's kindly offered to swap in the gears there. Let's just hope I make it,...

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