Smooth sailing

Oh what a difference!
Our antique freight train is an absolute joy now!
I moved all the heavy stuff out of the coach and into the Rover, and with the weight distribution hitch we're riding like an old Cadillac. Note I said OLD Cadillac, rather boaty with the airsprings and worn out front shocks. But very stable and easy driving.

Headed off to spend the evening with some very good friends on the Amherst shore, just before leaving Nova Scotia.

Geordie is quite used to the truck and has settled right in, it's amazing, the life of a dog, he knows we're going somewhere, but after spending his whole life in my truck, it could be an hour's drive or several days.

After a lovely evening and beautiful farmhouse sleep we're off to Saint John New Brunswick to see Tony, renown Land Rover guru and good friend. It's there, in his shop where the truck will get it's final significant maintenance. New gears in both differentials being the most pressing.
The run down to Saint John was lovely, but I did roll down the canvas tilt. The canvas roof on the Land Rover is called a tilt, go figure. It was a bit too chilly for open top motoring.

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  1. Pete you look like you're having the time of your life? Guess what, I own a VW, I never drove one, you never told me how good those cars were. I test drove a 2013 Jetta last month the next day I bought one on the web. Keep having fun! George