Share the load

In the bustling metropolis of Halifax I procured a weight distribution hitch. This is a engineering black magic that transfers the tongue weight of the coach to the front wheels of the truck. I actually had one at home but it was a gnarly beast and wouldn't have fit my tall truck.

I did get to start the day with a flat, had me worried for a bit, but I just pumped it up.

The weight distribution hitch needed an extra deep shank that I had to go all over town to find, pricy too!

I also sprung for an anti sway bar which is basically a shock absorber damping the hinge action between the truck and coach. I didn't really have a sway issue but it's cheap insurance.
The hitch bolted right up and wow, what a difference!
You can see the oil all over the Argosy that's been pouring out of the differential.

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