Homeland Security.

Hmm, bit of a snag,.....

Upon re-entering the US after visiting my daughter in Montreal I was denied entry at the border.
They told me I didn't fit the profile of a snowbird. Too young, too poor and too smart, their words.
Although I was able to show them the lease to my apartment, my travel insurance and my healthy bank account, it seems I couldn't convince them I wasn't smart.

He insisted that I wasn't allowed to "lollygag around the USA".
Isn't that what being a tourist is?

It seems entry is completely at the discretion of the officer you end up with.
As he discussed it with his supervisor, the supervisor said "I don't see a problem, but it's your call"
And it was, no reasonable argument would sway him. I did manage to get him to give me a limited entry to collect my coach.

So no US road trip this year,.......

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