Truck go boom!

Sorry, Rover tech post,...

Well regardless of my being kicked out of the country, I'm still going to the fall Rover event in the Uwharrie National Forest. That's in North Carolina, A hell of a long way south for a weekend trip.
Ah hell, I'll pop by Dave Bobeck's place in DC on the way back up, all in all it'll be a great week.

So I swung through Brooklyn to pick up the coach and headed down to North Carolina.
To be fair, "swinging by" Brooklyn to pick up a travel trailer is a project in itself, but I'm getting so used to bombing along these crazy highways in the Boston - Washington corridor that's it's actually becoming rather mundane. Except for the tolls, ouch!

bout 200 miles north of Uwharrie I had to climb a steep grade pulling out of a gas station so I used low range to ease the burden on the clutch. Well, I gave it too much oomph and BANG!
And I had no more drive....

Now if this were a standard Land Rover 109, I'd know I'd broken a halfshaft in the rear axle, but as I have the bulletproof Salisbury rear end I knew that couldn't be.
Therefore it must be the transmission or the transfer case. I knew it wasn't the driveshaft aster crawling under to check.
Rather than jump to conclusions I pondered for a bit, played with the transfercase gear levers and found it made a horrible grinding when trying to drive. I left it in gear trying to drive and had a look under to see if the driveshaft was spinning, IT WAS!

Yay, or maybe boo. well at least it's not the transmissions.
Maybe it is a bust halfshaft? or s stripped drive flange.
To confirm that it wasn't the actul differential I engaged the differential lock which will force the power to the side that isn't broken and wow we moved!
OK, halfshaft or drive flange, great, but I have neither in spares.
So I engaged front wheel drive and carried on to Uwharrie, carefully, stock front differential, heavy, heavy load!

Once at Uwharrie I removed the axle dust cap and with the truck running in gear the halfshaft was spinning in the drive flange, great, just need a good welder to weld them together and I'm all set.
After the weekend of not moving the truck at all I found a welder an hour north who did a lovely job for $20! good as new.

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