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After a summer of writing software in Nova Scotia I'm going to drop by my client in New York for a quick follow up meeting. It was an easy run down to New York, The I95 is old hat now.

I write software to manage cemeteries and my client is a huge cemetery right in the heart of downtown Brooklyn. Amazingly they agreed to let me stay INSIDE the cemetery in the coach!

The gates to the cemetery are amazing old stone arches.
The only catch to staying in the cemetery is that the gates are locked at six o'clock and I'm locked in.
Very strange,...

The meetings went well and the software works well, I'm done working until next spring!!

They kindly let me stick around to spend some time in NYC.
First we were off to Battery park for a souvlaki and a beer!

Except we walked,......

From the cemetery it\s over an hour to the Brooklyn Bridge and then across the historic span. What a rush walking across the East River with Manhattan in view.

There were thousands of people crossing the bridge on foot, all taking selfies,...

If you've never done it it's one of the greatest New York experiences, and it's free.

Once on Manhattan, we headed south towards the financial district, past the throngs taking pictures of the raging bull, I couldn't bear to.

I did like this juxtaposition between St. Paul's Chapel, built in 1764 and the new World Trade Tower.

It was a lovely day for walking but Geordie was slowing down, and we still had to walk back!
So we slowed the pace a bit, he's 9 years old!

Then on to Battery Park and my favorite souvlaki street vendor. Heavenly, now for a beer in the beer garden down by the water,....

The walk home was much slower as Pup was really tired, we took lots of breaks and strolled back through the cemetery gates just before they closed, about seven hours from when we started,...

A great day!

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