More renovation

With summer coming to a close I'll be heading south again soon.
Amazingly I really haven't got much work done on the coach.

Time to get moving.

So I ripped out more of the original interior, the whole starboard side from the bed to the entry door.
I build a large chest of drawers in the bedroom that gives me a nice credenza surface under the window and by overhanging the wheel well it created a space for the batteries directly over the axles. Perfect.

It still needs drawer pulls and a top but I just love it.
It also works as a night table for the bed.

Just ahead of the dresser will be a big new hanging locker.
I've decided on a really big locker as most of my clothes can be stored compactly and neatly hanging up.

Ahead of the hanging locker we're in the kitchen and the counter over the fridge which of course remains.
This area is complicated by the vent for the fridge.

On the port side I ripped out the old sink and stove counter which was an absolute disaster, the original waste plumbing was such a convoluted mess. Here you can see a nice simple new drain down through the floor to the grey tank below and the draw pipe for the fresh water system coming up from the fresh water tank.

The new cabinetry is all oak as well.
The countertop will be slate with an undermount single bowl sink. I used a bar sink and cut the extra flange off and set it in a reveal in the plywood sub surface that the slate will be bonded to.

This single larger sink is a joy over the crappy shallow double that was there before. And so much more counter space.

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