Back in Riverport

What a beautiful part of the world!
I've been all over but this little corner of Nova Scotia's South Shore is so lovely.

First stop was to visit my to wonderful daughters in Lunenburg.

Lunenburg is a jewel of a town, I forgot how lovely it is. A great walking town too.

On my first morning back I took my daughters to breakfast, it was wonderful to see them.

As my old properties are no longer mine I set up on a piece of land belonging to my father right in the village. Great spot, private and I can carry on working on the coach.
The first thing I managed to do was contract Lyme disease! Lunenburg County is rife with the little buggers and when I finally decided this rash was significant the doctor took one look and diagnosed. They are getting several cases a day!

And stopped by my mothers grave on Mothers day.
But now to get ready for the Moose!......

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