The Moose Trophy

Or more significantly,..
The Last Moose Trophy.
The "Moose" is a long honoured Land Rover even held annually on Victoria Day weekend in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley. Hosted for all these years by the legendary John Cranfield on his expansive farm offering open fields and groomed woodland trails. Well somewhat groomed.

The event has always been popular with the maritime Rover crowd and more than a few from farther afield.

There's always good times on the trail.
 Peter Rosval with a delightful little 80"
I got to drive it for a bit, love those little trucks!

I've been very cautious off roading the last few years as I really don't want to bust my truck anymore. It doe's pull my home around after all.  know the trails at John's pretty well but there are still some precarious spots,...

All in all a great weekend. It's sad to see the end of the Moose,......

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