Advancing the bathroom

This bloody bathroom I've designed is just too ambitious.
It's set up as a "wet" bathroom so the whole room is the shower.
If the room was shower stall shaped, I'd install a premade shower, toss in a toilet and sink and be done with it. But it's not!, it's all curved with a big wheel well across it. As a result I'm making a custom slate shower pan. I created a pan in 1/2" plywood by cutting a slit in the piece of plywood and forming into a very shallow cone. To add strength I injected expanding foam in the tapered void below the pan. The picture is the foam oozing out the injection holes. Not mushrooms in my bathroom.

I'm also overly ambitious with the cabinetry. Like the rest of the coach it's all oak. The trick is keeping it all waterproof when the shower starts dumping water on it.
Careful sloping and shoulders on the cabinet doors.

Here you can see the slate floor finished and the new residential elongated toilet. No more tiny toilets. I've been crapping in a porta potty for a year!

The top was a challenge, I wanted a small stainless steel undermount basin, which are ridiculously expensive so I cut a hole in the bottom of a $9 mixing bowl and screwed it underneath the counter.

The top and walls still need to be stained.
Oh, and a wall and a door!

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