Mariposa Folk Festval.

I've always wanted to go to the great southern Ontario folk festival and have never been.
So I loaded up and headed west just before Canada Day.

Early morning in Mahone Bay on the right, gorgeous little town.

First stop was Montreal for a few days handing out with old friends Kate and Al.

I always enjoy Montreal, as you all know, for the food. BBQ duck in Chinatown,...

I stayed in Montreal for Canada Day and some spectacular fireworks that Geordie didn't think much of. Odd, he's never been bothered by them before,...

And on to Orillia for the big event. Mariposa is a huge event, with a dozen stages, a couple of pub tents, endless workshops, kiosks and vendors and of course food!!

What's also amazing about the festival is that if you're camping in a tent, you can be within feet of the main stage, hundreds of tents huddled in along the shore.

One of my favorite tents, well besides the pub, was a big tent full of instruments to try. What a great opportunity to have a go at some pretty neat stuff. I was particularly interested in some of the percussion instruments.

This thing with the metal tines was just amazing.

It was a long haul for a festival but I'm so glad I went, I'll try to work it into my upcoming summers as well,...

Back to Nova Scotia,...

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