I LOVE ferries!

I just do, and this one, the ferry that will transport me to my winter salvation is especially wonderful.

The smell of the Pacific ocean is different than the Atlantic. It's richer and earthy somehow.
In any event I love it and am so glad to be here.

I even splurged on a fabulous beef dip in the dining room. I had my first beef dip ever 37 years ago at the James Bay Inn in Victoria when I first arrived there. This one was even better.

The route the ferry takes through the Gulf Islands is quite spectacular, passing quite close to the rocky shores. beautiful really.

Once on Vancouver Island the first order of business was a car wash! The rig was filthy.
The only self serve one I could find was quite congested and only had a back in bay. To wash both the truck and coach required quite a bit of fancy maneuvering that impressed the locals to no end.

Although I was booked in at an RV park, I wanted to go straight downtown for a few classic Victoria photo opportunities. First at Mile 0 of the Trans Canada, right at the shore in James bay. Very near to where I once lived.

Being suddenly surrounded by flowers still blooming and lush green grass was a gift to my ice road ravaged body. Victoria is bliss!

Then posing outside the famous Empress Hotel on the Inner Harbour. Tea and crumpets anyone?


  1. peter,
    enjoyed reading your blog on the storm of a century here on the big sur coast.
    moved my airstream from a five year stay in big sur to aromas this morning at 6 am in a downpour, and looking forward to scrubbing the moss of the canyon off and prepping for a sunny garden. email for a visit in california. read blue highways....gail

  2. Just catching up on your blog after neglecting you for far too long. Hope you're enjoying Victoria. Hope to have dinner & drinks again next time you're in Montreal. Be well & stay warm!

    1. Hi Kim!

      I'm loving Victoria, beautiful, and surprisingly urban.
      I won't miss an opportunity for dinner next time through.