More DC fun

There's no denying it, Bobeck is bottled fun!
I'll never miss the opportunity to go out on the town here with this man.
And Washington, or at least the parts I've seen, are an incredible mix of communities and culture, history and energy. I haven't been able to experience Portland or Austin yet, but I expect it's this kind of feeling. And I just love it.
Dave told me to arrive at precisely 6:55 to be able to catch some much sought after overnight street parking on his tiny downtown street.
I didn't think it was possible to park and stay overnight on a trendy residential street downtown, but I dutifully timed my arrival to the minute. No easy feat while negotiating downtown DC traffic and construction.
I rolled up opposite his door at 6:55 and by 7:00 there was not a spot left on the street!

Then it began,...
I didn't take any pictures of our evening to limit the damning evidence, but what an evening.
Let's just say I slept until nearly noon, then drove north, no parking ticket!

Thanks again Dave.

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