Bed platform

I'm getting tired of sleeping on that crummy couch, so today is the new bed platform.

All the structure is solid oak with 1/4" oak plywood panels, screwed and glued. No more staples in this coach!
The platform itself is 1/2" fir plywood. This project encloses the outside locker and most of the generator locker. The platform is sized for a double mattress, full in the US.
Because of the curves in the coach, there will be lots of room for cabinets around the bed. Storage!
I made a ledger along the curved wall by kerfing a strip of oak which worked very well.
The toughest part of this project was scribing the actual bed platform to the curved walls.

Yay, no more couch!

You'll have to forgive these pictures, they're stills from video that will be assembled into a series of
YouTube videos soon.

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