Padre Island

Off the coast of Texas lie several long barrier islands.
North Padre, right off Corpus Christi is home to a wonderful National Park, the Padre Island National Seashore. This is a wonderful place to stay, there is a campground on the gulf side of the island with limited services and on the inland side, dry camping. However water and dump are only minutes away. Best of all, park admission in $20 a year and camping is $10 a year!

I wanted to find a spot where I could start my refit project on the coach and this is perfect.

Living on the intercoastal side of the island means no surf, and very little tide, it's more like a lake, but it's much calmer. The campground on the gulf side is several hundred yards back from the beach over the dunes.
When we want real beach it's a short drive to the state beach where you can park directly on the sand right in the surf if you're foolish enough, and several are everyday.

I've met some wonderful people here and most evenings people gather for a BBQ and drinks.
Sometimes music, sometimes a bonfire.

Geordie is in heaven!

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