Rear locker

Another daunting project.
Mainly because it involves cutting a huge hole in the rear of the coach.
But the value of an outside locker is worth it, and this will be a huge locker!
Again, careful measurements are the order of the day, then just cut!
 First the inside panel and more calculations and measurement, then the outside.
I'm going to make the hatch and frame out of aluminium extrusions recovered from the
cabinetry I've removed. I may scowl at these interiors, but the aluminium extrusions are phenomenal.
With a little modification and reworking I'll have a splendid hatch.
The extrusions connect together with screws at mitred corners.
The only trick now is to accurately cut all this aluminium, including some long "rip" cuts.
Tricky with a hack saw or jig saw.
Enter the aluminium cutting blade for the table
saw! Cuts aluminium like butter, just wonderful.
Millions of hot shards imbed in your skin though, eye protection is an absolute must!

All in all I'm absolutely thrilled.
Now I just need to find a nice solid "T" handle latch for it.

Onto the generator locker,...

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