Rip and tear

I simply despise the bathroom on this coach, it's a crummy layout, the shower is cramped, the black tank packed it in years ago and there are water leaks behind the walls where I can't get at them.
Ripping it out will be cathartic!
These Airstream / Argosy coaches are so wonderfully built in terms of the shell and running gear. But the interior materials and fit is appalling. I don't doubt it is still better than your average box trailer, but held up against even a modest yacht interior it's rubbish. Now I'm certain this will rile the purists, and I understand weight is a huge concern, but Jeez! My refit will be much heavier, I accept this as a reasonable compromise.
The plywood floor in the bathroom was in remarkable shape. These coaches suffer from water ingress from a poorly designed and sealed steel channel across the back. t traps and channels water onto the plywood. Many coaches of this vintage are completely rotten out.
With the bathroom out I moved forward and ripped out both of the single bunks that were just forward. Now half the coach is empty, a major cleanup and onto the outside locker!

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