Outside shower

A project today!
I love a project.
As you may have gathered, I'm going to completely refit the Argosy coach while traveling.
No easy feat as I also have to live in here, with all my stuff!
So today marks a milestone, The beginning of the tear out. But before I do that I will install an outside shower so I can shower once the inside one is gone.
This is a difficult thing for me, as it involves cutting a rather large hole in the side of the coach, and then bolt in a crappy plastic exterior shower unit. I'm sure there are much nicer ones out there but even the marine ones are roughly the same quality, just twice the price. I opted for a unit that uses a standard shower faucet, that way in time I can at least replace the guts with something reasonable.
Of course the other stress is to cut the hole in the right place! There is very little clearance where I'm going to put it and measurements are critical.
It all went very well and works great. I enjoyed a nice hot shower as did both Patrick and Jessica.
As part of this project I also redid all the pressure side plumbing in the coach. All the old copper was in terrible shape, with dozens of repairs and patches. I redid all the plumbing in plastic PEX pipe, wonderful stuff, I've been using it for years in the houses I build. I also installed a long overdue new galley tap, the old one was a disaster.
It's an extraordinary experience to be able to work right on this beautiful shore. The ducks gather by the hundreds just yards offshore, the sunsets are spectacular and the people here just wonderful.

Tomorrow, out comes the bathroom!

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