Ice storm!

On the Texas Gulf Coast, an Ice storm! We moved westward to Galveston and found a great spot to stay on the beach.
But woke to bitter cold and everything covered with ice!
Apparently The entire deep south has been hit with snow and ice, we actually got off easy.
With is being so cold and windy we moved to the lee side of a huge beach pavilion which also offered open Wi Fi and power!
The next day we were asked to leave, fair enough.

We headed 30 minutes west along the shore passing some amazing houses on stilts, whole towns, on stilts. and eventually found a splendid spot on a huge expanse of beach and dunes.

We cooked up a big dinner with Pat and Jess of Schnitzel and spaetzle.

Pulling a 24 foot Airstream across the dunes was a bit exciting, but the sand here packs very hard so it was really easy going.

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