Home again

Back to Saint John to pick up the coach. It was wonderful to be back in the Argosy. Although it was stuck in a snow bank!
Thankfully Tony had gone to great lengths to plow around it in my extended absence. But I was grateful for the winch to get it out!

A few quick preparations and a day lost to yet another ice storm and we were finally on our way south.

An easy border crossing was a relief and on to Neil's yet again. A few trips to the pub and a good night's sleep set me up for the toad ahead, the I95,....

In the morning we loaded up the new water tanks for the Argosy that I'd had shipped to Neil's as well as the two new axles that I'd picked up in New York state my last trip through.

I had thought I'd install the axles here but that was months ago, and it's way too cold now.
Better job for Florida.

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