Too cold for canvas

As I'd been planning to head south in October, I set off with my full length canvas roof, known as a "tilt" or "hood". In warm weather it's lovely to roll the sides up and enjoy the shade. But driving in frigid temperatures in Montreal, Toronto and the upcoming run down the I95 really isn't well suited for the terrible visibility and draughty roof.
So I opted to install my pickup cab, easy to heat and great visibility. Only I needed to get a tonneau cover made to protect all the gear in the truck bed. To have the tonneau made I had to remove the canvas top, but I still had to finish rebuilding the pickup ca, so for a week or so I drove the truck topless in Montreal! In January!
Took my girls out for a few romps in the snow, good fun!

At long last I got the hundred or so rivets in the cab and got it installed, oh what a pleasure to drive now!

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