Photo stolen from the web, too cold to take my own!
I took the opportunity to run up to Toronto for a week as see some wonderful old friends. What I didn't count on was some of the nastiest, bitter weather ever seen in TO.
As a result I parked the truck and hibernated inside but for very few outings, one to a splendid pub a block and a half away, had it been two blocks away they could have chiseled us out of the snow bank haven frozen to death.

My old '71 bus on Cherry Beach Toronto.

Me in my old VW bus, living in Toronto circa 1980.
I lived in Toronto for a year 33 years ago in a Volkswagen bus. It was a wonderful time.

I stayed mostly on Cherry Beach, as seen here.
It was a wonderful time, I loved that old bus!

As a Montrealer I was always quick to dismiss Toronto, as all so many Canadians tend to do.
But Toronto has become a really great metropolis.

My friend took me for a great afternoon tour of all my old stomping grounds, much has changed, and much is the same.

I owe it a proper visit in better weather. And of course to see more of my TO friends.

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