New Orleans!

Bourbon Street
A quick run into New Orleans in the morning.
We stopped in at a well known Land Rover parts supplier, RDS Parts,  for a few bits and the owner, George kindly let us stay in his gated lot, just a few minutes from downtown.

Unhitched and off to Bourbon street!
I was here about a decade ago with my wife, we had a wonderful time and we swore we'd return every year. Sadly this is my first trip back.

Lower Ninth Ward

We really enjoyed exploring the French Quarter and even went over to the Lower Ninth Ward where some of the worst losses from Hurricane Katrina were. Block after block empty, every house gone. Some new houses were being built, all on stilts and many rather,... well,... odd. To my taste anyway

Patrick's sister Rebecca and her boyfriend Cory joined us. They're on a road trip counter clockwise, and New Orleans worked out as a great place to meet up.

They're also towing a Boler trailer, but with a Volvo. For those who aren't familiar with these lovely little fiberglass trailers, They were made in western Canada and have become very collectable. Recently there are a number of similar trailers being made, Scamp being the most notable.

My Argosy looks like a big Boler, or they look like tiny Argosys?

We all went down to Frenchman Streen, which is arguably the new Bourbon, patronized several bars, and ended up closing a piano bar, yes a piano bar! The guy was awesome!

In standard New Orleans tradition, the best hangover cure is beignets at Café du Monde.
They're sort of doughnuts, sort of fritters, but all deep fried yummy, with lots of icing sugar and a café au lait.

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