Ichetucknee Springs

It's WARM, really WARM.
Oh to feel the sun on your face!
To sit and relax on a warm Florida afternoon with a cold beer and the company of friends,....Lovely.

Well as lovely as the morning after a reunion can be,..

First order of business, after Ibuprofen, was to swap the axles on the Argosy.

The old axles had sagged and lost all spring.
So every bump tortured the poor old coach. Now it should ride nice and smooth, and they're heavy duty to carry the immense loads I have planned for this trailer.

I still have to install new water tanks, but that's a more involved job.
I'm setting the trailer up for extended periods without hookups, no I've got 80 gallons of fresh water, 50 of grey water and 50 of black water.
However if they were all full at the same time, very unlikely, they'd weight about 1500 lbs!

We carted the old axles off on the back of Patrick's Rover.

To ease the limited storage in the back of the truck I installed a classic Land Rover hood mount for the spare tyre, but I don't have the special dished hood so the tire sits high, in fact my tyres are so big it wouldn't fit in the dished hood anyway,...

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