Oh my God it's finally done!

What a marathon. When I was finally ready to paint I got a two day window of decent weather and pounded the paint on, two coats of two colours. Sadly I was running out of paint on the second coat and couldn't wait to get more so the sheen isn't nearly as nice as it could have been if I could have rolled it on a little thicker. Oh well. I think it looks awesome and the colour is pretty close to the Rover for home brew mixing green and black. But what I'm really ecstatic about is the natural aluminium frames and castings, WOW, love it!

Well the rig finally looks a little less ratty.

Time to hit the road!
I cant say enough about the wonderful hospitality George here at RDS has shown me.
He's become a fine friend.
Thanks George!

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  1. WOW this looks nice. Very sharp. Definitely agree that leaving the aluminum was a good idea.