The mountain bites back

Woke up at 5400 feet and after a lovely breakfast I did my walkabout and found a huge blister on the side of one of the coach tires. I don't carry a spare for the coach. Airstream says to just remove the wheel and carry on at reduced speed on one axle. Rather than do that I lowered the pressure and dropped over 300 feet to a little town that amazingly had a new tire.
Then climbed back up, a long slow haul.
Just north of Ashville North Carolina the Parkway was closed for a 60 mile section. This actually worked out very well for me as I had already planned to travel about three miles east to the Uwharrie National Forest for the Uwharrie Safari Land Rover Event.

I arrived a day early, so before joining the Rovers in the big group campground I spent a night at a regular campsite right on the lake. Beautiful!

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